me: I’m not alone in thinking that navel rings are completely weird when they’re on a guy, right
bearded wonder: Pretty much any ring on a guy has always been weird to me.
me: Even a cockring?
bearded wonder: If it’s on his finger, yes
me: Touché.
me: Or don’t touché.
bearded wonder: LOL


me: You think we’re ever going to get old enough to stop saying, “motherfucker”?
bearded wonder: Nope.
me: Sweet.
bearded wonder: I get younger with age
me: By your logic, eventually you’ll start giggling just saying “pee pee” at some point.

bearded wonder: LOL
bearded wonder: pee pee

The Replacements

me: Now I want to change someone’s phone so it replaces, “you’re” with “your”
me: Change, “regardless” to “irregardless”
the bear: “relax” to “chillax”
me: “totally” to “totes”
the bear: “adorable” to “dorbs”
me: “ironic” to “unfortunate sequence of events”
me: “Spork” to “forky spooney thing”
the bear: “Kings of Leon” to “Nickelback”
me: “Nickleback” to “I have no taste”
the bear: Is this going on the blog?
me: I think so.
the bear: It’s worthy
me: “Is this going on the blog?” to “We’re funny, tell the world.”


the bear: I will not type what was in my head
me: There weren’t fucking-bagels.
me: Bagels, the jewish flesh-light

Parle vous Mexican?

me: Check the link I sent you and validate my sense of humor.
fingers: lol
fingers: I just did.
fingers: I don’t understand the Spanish in the link.
me: That’s because the Spanish is French
fingers: ahh.
fingers: I don’t understand the French in the link.
me: Ergo the “surrender” comment

I see baked goods

someone: The IT dept has a nose for food here, somehow they always know when I bring baked goods for the dept and they are at my desk in less than 1 minute.
me: You’ve heard about sixth senses?
someone: Yes.
me: That’s our 3.14th sense.
me: Works especially well with pie.
someone: Their’s is magnified, they are at the end of the first floor and we’re upstairs on the opposite side of the building.
me: The only thing that beats it is kryptonite, or showers.
someone: LOL


the bear: LOL
me: I would totally do that if I didn’t want to end up on the sex offender registry
me: If I did, I mean
the bear: But you don’t?
the bear: Did?
the bear: Wut?
me: Allow me to rephrase:
me: Fuck you
the bear: NICE!

Dream Panda

me: http://i.imgur.com/uQydN.gif
someone: I am going to need a minute alone with that panda
me: LOL
someone: but more importantly WHO would make a thing like that?
me: Fabulous Bear
someone: Super fabulous
someone: …and sparkly.
me: It likes Twilight.
someone: That gif was a better love story.
me: LOL

Not a Soul in Sight

some soulless ginger: Have you seen this guy’s working Iron Man costume?
some soulless ginger: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2012/05/this-incredible-moving-iron-man-suit-is-what-everyone-should-wear-to-go-see-the-avengers/
me: My only complaint with it is that the arc reactor is obviously non-functioning.
some soulless ginger: LOL
some soulless ginger: But dude – it MOVES.
me: But I believe the reactor is where he keeps his virginity.
some soulless ginger: LOL
some soulless ginger: oh I don’t know – geek chicks are probably all over him
me: Yeah, but as geek I feel entitled to the poke at virginity.
me: It’s like me, as a Jew, talking about my coin purse being tighter than my coin purse
some soulless ginger: Or me starting my Grumpy Gingers With No Soul fake band?
me: You should make it a Soul band that only plays R&B
me: meta
some soulless ginger: nice
some soulless ginger: I was going with punk, but your idea is clever – we’ll have to change our fake sound
me: lol