2 simple Nmap commands I stole from Shellhacks

Nmap command usage examples : how to find active hosts in network, scan for open ports, remotely determine OS and detect versions of services, detect and bypass firewalls, perform stealthy scans and much more.

Source: 20 Awesome Nmap Command Examples | Networks, Penetration


I’ve been playing with Nmap lately and this site had a good quick reference of simple commands.

Currently I’m hoping to get some of this into a Geeklet, but I’ve had some trouble getting the output right.

The commands I’m bookmarking for now:

The above is modified from the linked site to add verbosity “-v” to the OS detection “-O”.  Unfortunately this makes it a bit too much info for a Geeklet, so I’m going to remove the “-v” flag for that:

OS X Terminal Commands to get IPs for GeekTool Geeklet

I took two of the terminal commands from 40 Terminal Tips and Tricks You Never Though You Needed and put them in to a GeekTool Geeklet for my work computer.

Get Your Network IP Address


Get Your External IP Address


By placing the following into a shell Geeklet:

I get the following Geeklet output:

Geeklet IP Info Output

Self Deprecation 2 – Electric Boogaloo – New Content from an Old Blogger

Lets see what happens this time.

It has been a long time since I’ve done anything blog-wise. It somehow feels as if the age of the blog is gone. There may be some way that I can still get use out of this so I’m going to start posting some new content on a completely irregular basis. Anything goes. It is, after all, my site.

At some point I may restore some of my older content.