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Just happened

Received an invoice from a colleague.

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GE Color Effects G35 to LED Display

Learn how to make a display from some cool christmas lights.

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Diagram of movie monsters


I’m going to have to look at this in more detail

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We can rebuild him, but we don’t want to spend a lot of money!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has ruined my mind.  I just read an ad for a car that had a rebuilt tranny and I was wondering how much the surgery cost.

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Bad Present

I can think of few Christmas or whatever holiday presents more boring than stock in a company.

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Famous or Infamous?

Nonflamible - Inflamible

I'll take door number 3?

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Holy Crap

I do have to say, being in the office hours before anyone else gets here is slightly creepy.


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Note to self: Make sure not to loan out the USB drive named “cocksucker”

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Tough Room

So apparently when asked at work to investigate why the system shows that there is “Negative Inventory” nobody finds it as funny as I do to mention that maybe it’s just positive inventory moving backwards in time.

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I’ve just found the most amazing combination.  Eat some mango, then have some Fat Tire… the burps are interesting.  Seriously, comment back if you’ve tried this.

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