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I may be completely incorrect, but I have never seen a good use-case for annotations on Youtube. My guess is that they were introduced for people who didn’t have access to the software necessary to place title cards in their videos, but most people these days┬áseem to do fine with that.

A quick check at Google shows that many people have problems with the annotation appearing and desire a way to remove Youtube annotations permanently.

Youtube does offer a method to disable, but it seems that this option is stored locally in a cookie and not on your Youtube account. Come on, you’re Google, can’t you store that setting on my account?

The official method is to click on your account name, then the gear icon, then go to playback settings and uncheck the annotations… or you can follow this link to the playback settings page.

Doing a test of this, I found that in Chrome the setting seems to stay for a while, but if I launch an Incognito window the annotation reappear even when fully logged in to my Youtube account.

Thanks to this StackExchange question and a related Reddit comment I have a better, if imperfect solution.

Adblock Plus lets you put in your own filters for content. By adding the below, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing that settings cookie, although you will have to add the filter to any system you use:


2 thoughts on “Remove Youtube Annotations

  1. This filter already doesn’t work anymore for Adblock Plus. When this filter is active any video with annotations will not play. I do not understand why google is so busy with annoying there users.

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